Alan Geik has an M.Sc from the London School of Economics. As sometimes happens after the pursuit of one’s education, Alan found himself back in his native New York but employed at Wide World of Sports as a film editor.


Moving to Los Angeles to pursue his new career, Alan found a temporary thirty-day job as a film editor at Paramount Pictures. Eleven years later Alan was still employed at Paramount and had never once missed a single paycheck.


Perhaps a record for a temporary job.


While at Paramount Alan wandered into another temporary engagement—because of his knowledge of Afro-Cuban music and specifically how it unfolded in New York City, he was asked to host a radio show on KCRW in Santa Monica for a few months. He was also asked to host on a popular radio show at KXLU in Los Angeles. The temporary hosting continued for the next twenty-five years without interruption.


Alan’s writing career was for several years focused on the massive financial frauds initiated by the “too big too fail” banks and their willing allies, the politicians, with their target as always, a distracted tax payer. Some of his articles appear on Seeking Alpha, a well-respected financial site.


Glenfiddich Inn is his first novel. It is set in WWI era Boston and New York.



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Glenfiddich Inn

Byron's dream is more dangerous than a baseball game—he needs to go to the Western Front in France to cover the unfolding war which he knows will be the defining moment for his generation.

The Lusitania is torpedoed by a German U-Boat within sight of the English coast on May 7, 1915. Two of the Townsend family members are on board and their fate is unknown for days that seemed like weeks.

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