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Alba Arango writes books that are “Imaginative and a lot of fun to sleuth around with.” - Readers’ Favorite


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Alba is a retired high school teacher turned full-time author. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she loves coffee and chocolate…especially together (white chocolate mocha is the best!).

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JJ Bennett has never dodged bullets from Russian spies. He’s never broken into a thousand-year-old crypt. He’s never dangled by a piece of rope two hundred feet in the air. But all that is about to change.

Jeopardy IN GENEVA

Upon arriving in Geneva, Switzerland, K-CIA agents JJ and Maggie discover a complicated gold smuggling operation involving not just P-KGB spies, but also the Russian mob and a most unlikely group of smugglers, alien spaceships!

Confused about this bizarre alliance, JJ and Maggie recruit a new member to the K-CIA and the three kids determine to put a stop to the illegal activity. But as they delve deeper into the mystery, things become increasingly complicated and far more dangerous than they anticipated.


After twelve-year-old JJ Bennett lands at the airport in Berlin, he’s sure something is wrong. His secret organization of kid spies, the K-CIA, hasn’t had to deal with any problems in a while. When his fellow agent and best friend Maggie convinces him they should relax and go to the movies with their new friend William, JJ finally decides he’s been stressing for nothing and everything is fine.


Soon after arriving in the city of Dublin, Ireland, JJ and his fellow K-CIA agents discover the ominous presence of P-KGB agents and finally learn the nature of the mysterious force known as The Restoration.

But when JJ’S dad and the CIA run into trouble tracking down a powerful weapon hidden by a rogue spy over fifty years ago, JJ and the team must jump into action to keep the weapon out of the hands of an enemy with intentions far worse than anything they thought possible.


Steve, Matt, and Jenny always dreamed of becoming detectives. One day, their dream becomes reality when they discover an ancient treasure map for a magical stone, hidden by a pirate over 300 years ago. As the trio begins their search, they attract the attention of an international jewel thief, who gives the detectives a grim choice―find the stone and bring it to him, or he will hurt their schoolmates. The three friends must unravel the clues, brave the dangerous booby-traps left by the pirate, and develop a plan to outsmart the jewel thief.


Steve, Matt, and Jenny thought their detective skills would be given a rest when they agreed to be extras for a movie being filmed in the nearby mountains. Upon arriving at the movie site, the trio learns that someone has been breaking equipment and causing damage around the set in an effort to shut down the production and drive everyone away.

Determined to find the saboteur, the young detectives begin their investigation only to come face to face with the last thing in the world they expected—a ghost!


Twelve-year-old detectives Steve, Matt, and Jenny agree to help their friend Tyrone with a unique problem –his niece thinks she’s a vampire. Believing the girl simply has an over-active imagination, the trio spends the night at her home, determined to ease her worried mind. But when the young girl vanishes and a bat turns up in her place, the three friends find themselves facing something they never thought possible –a real vampire


What starts out as a search for a stolen music box quickly turns into a dangerous hunt when the three young detectives discover the mysterious history of the music box and a secret that could lead them to a fortune of long-lost gold from World War II. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they encounter two nefarious thieves, willing to do anything to get their hands on the missing gold. Racing against time, the trio must figure out the clues in order to keep the music box, and the gold, out of the hands of the deadly treasure hunters.


When the three detectives learn about a long-lost Egyptian statue hidden somewhere nearby, they jump at the chance of solving another mystery. But as their investigation deepens, they discover a couple of disturbing details: first, the statue is supposedly haunted; and second, two large gun-toting foreigners are also interested in the treasure.

Determined to find the statue, the detectives brave catacombs, underwater caverns, and booby-trapped tunnels, until finally, they begin to unravel the secrets behind the haunted statue. As the foreigners close in on them, the detectives must use all their wits to out-smart their enemies and retrieve the treasure.


Steve, Matt, and Jenny are invited to hunt for a hidden treasure left behind by a mysterious forty-niner over a hundred and fifty years ago. As they begin to unravel the miner’s cryptic note, they realize they are not alone in the hunt for the gold.

Determined to beat the competition to the treasure, the three detectives up their game only to come face-to-face with their main competitor—the ghost of the miner himself!

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