Andrew Uyal

Andrew Uyal is a casino supervisor living in Las Vegas and working on the famous Vegas Strip. Years ago, he seized an opportunity to do something most people, especially casino employees, only dream of doing: beating the casinos at their own game. Andrew learned and mastered the art of blackjack and counting cards and used the subsequent tales to craft his debut book, Blackjack Insiders: How Two Pit Bosses Beat the Casinos At Their Own Game. He doesn’t play blackjack anymore (or does he?). He’s now focused on his career as a casino executive, and pursuing his passion of writing. 

In his spare time, Andrew is a ravenous Vegas Golden Knights fan. He collaborated with two other authors to create Vegas Golden Knights: How a First-Year Expansion Team Healed Las Vegas and Shocked the Hockey World.  Andrew enjoys spending the little free time he has left with his family, a few close friends, and of course, his dog Casper.

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Blackjack Insiders

Blackjack Insiders is the story of two pit bosses who flipped the script and terrorized casinos from coast to coast. In the book, you’ll see what it’s like to be in the shoes of “Blackjack’s Double Agents”, as they go from working the casino floor in a suit and tie, to using their inside knowledge to gain a unique edge over blackjack tables everywhere. Insiders also shows that you don’t need an MIT education, or big investors to be a successful card counter. Andrew and Mark started small, and had no outside help. They show that all you need is the will to beat the game.

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