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We are writers and artists. Some of us are Indie and some of us are traditional. We come from all different backgrounds and write for all different genres. Our diversity makes us unique. Together we can accomplish great things. Join the tour and be part of our tribe.

Our Community Leaders

Vicki-Ann Bush
Executive Officer
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Vicki-Ann Bush writes for YA paranormal but has been known to cross genres on occasion. She originally founded Coffee House Tours in 2016 by knocking on doors and womanning the signing tables with just a handful of other authors.


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Lori Piotrowski
Vice President
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Lori has a keen eye and a smart and sophisticated wit. In addition to bringing her education background to the executive team, she has written half a dozen books in historical fiction and children's literature.


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Cynthia L. De Boer
Marketing Director
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Cynthia is an author, inspirational speaker, and disabilities advocate. She has successfully published two books. She continues to promote and grow her business by finding creative ways to share her positive message, bring awareness about the challenges of living with a disability and provide resources through her writing to those in need.


Meet The Coffee House Tours Authors

SC Alban
Creative Director
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Novelist and award winning playwright, SC Alban loves to do things in creative, out-of-the-box ways. As an assistant editor for a small boutique publisher (Lakewater Press) and staff writer for a growing production company (Theme Parkology), SC has her hands on the pulse of the industry. Her varied writing background brings a unique, detailed-oriented eye to the team. 


Temple Kinyon
Special Events Coordinator
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A children's book author, Temple also has writing contributions appearing in various publications including Home & Harvest Magazine, BLVDS LV Magazine, Idaho Grain Magazine, and Google's travel site


Associate Board Members

Victoria Kaer
Art Admin
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A writer with an eye for design and a sense of humor to boot. Victoria would say she is a professional daydreamer, creator of fantasy worlds, and mother of a child who is ten times smarter than she will ever be. She is also an occasional pet wrangler and certified dust bunny breeder.


In Recognition and Rememberance

Coffee House Tours authors honor one of their founding members. Thank you to Linda Stiles Fox for helping to create a community we now all get to be part of. You are missed.

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