Larger than one man and smaller than the imperial army, C.J. Foxx is the melding of dynamic opposites. Comprised of a small group of diverse individuals, bound by the philosophy that each moment and each idea possesses value. Its members are inspired by Greek Mythology, Comic books, Sports and romance among other evolving concepts.

C.J. Foxx and the members of C.J. Foxx welcome you to bask in their stories and flourish with their readers.

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Friday Bloody Friday

It was a typical, mild San Francisco afternoon. Noa Simmons stumbles upon a lost phone and receives a suspicious but tantalizing offer, be a contestant on a reality TV gameshow, answer a single question correctly, win a lifetime of glamour and luxury. Soon after the game begins, he finds himself communicating with who he thinks is the “Angel Maker”, a vicious serial killer terrorizing the Bay Area. With the assistance of an SFPD Detective, Kayla Coulthard, Noa plays the chilling chess match and at the same time gathers clues to assist in solving the case. Will he answer correctly, or will the bodies continue to pile up in Friday Bloody Friday?

Super-Hero Bowl VI: The Bulbheads Vs The Advancemen 

After two years of incarceration, the nefarious Dr. Proto escapes from prison. Presumed mastermind of the “Coverdale Incident” Explosion, and on the run, he is joined by the likes of a cyborg named Senor Explodo. Hot on the trail, Prodigy with his Advancemen, a team of right-minded individuals, follow the clues using their amazing powers. The chase cranks into high gear once the luscious alien Scynne crashes onto the scene. Grab your helmet and buckle your chinstrap, because you're going to get your bell rung when these two titans square off. It’s going to be wild in “Super-Hero Bowl VI” an action-packed debut by C.J. Foxx.

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