Cindy Orr-Jones

Cindy Orr-Jones is a retired teacher. She writes for young children about her rescue dog, Dillon. 


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No Room For Dillon

The Jones family has two dogs, Lucy and Dillon. Things turn topsy-turvy when Lucy has a litter of puppies and Dillon starts feeling neglected.

However, something happens that changes how everyone sees Dillon, and turns him into a true canine hero!

In book two of the series, the Jones family is busy caring for Lucy's new litter of puppies.  When Lucy and Dillon escape from their yard, they meet a neighbor who lives down the street, Mrs. Periwinkle, and her cat, Ginger, and things really start to get interesting!  Dillon takes charge and becomes a hero who saves the day.

Dillon's Big Adventure

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