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Community FAQs

What is Coffee House Tours?

Coffee House Tours is a grassroots community of authors who support each other by growing a network of contacts to help promote each other's work. It is a resource for book signing events, marketing, writing and author discussion. We give our members an opportunity to write for "Word," The Coffee House Tours blog. Plus, every member gets an author page on the website that they can link their books and personal author pages to. In addition, your membership gives you access to discounts and the author-only forum. Currently, we are touring in Las Vegas, Nevada only. But, look for opportunities coming soon to new cities. Grab a coffee, a sharpie and your book. Let's share a table together. JOIN NOW

Does this cost money?

Just enough. We use the money to support the group. Funds are used to pay for the website and printed promotional event materials. In addition, as we grow, the goal is to use a portion of funds to support bigger initiatives and events, such as festivals and conventions) by off setting the costs. We will grow faster if we all work together. MEMBERSHIP FEE: There is an annual $25 fee due within ten (10) days of approval. JOIN NOW

What's expected?

There's no catch – just opportunity. Mom always said, "You get what you give." So, to be an active member of Coffee House Tours, we ask our authors to particpate in book signings on an ongoing basis throughout the year, pay the annual membership fee ("Does this cost money," see above), and make one introduction for a new book signing for the group per year (See below, "Do I have to book signings myself"). We want all our members to feel like they are part of the rising tide and that they are getting the most out of interacting with the group. JOIN NOW

What is author etiquette?

Author etiquette—We take this one very seriously. We are all small businesses trying to promote our work. Be nice, have fun and please adhere to the following set of guidelines if you wish to remain a member.

  1. Remember you represent yourself as a brand and CHT at every event. It is imperative that we each conduct ourselves with professionalism, grace, and consideration for our fellow authors, and those around us.

  2. Poaching customers will not be tolerated. You will be warned once and then asked to leave the group. Support your neighboring author's sale before you introduce your own work and they will do the same. Please do not interrupt another authors pitch - it's just rude.

  3. CHT authors will not be petty, it's unbecoming and frankly, we're all adults.

  4. Do not be late to signings. Please be 15 minutes early so you're not setting up after the event starts.

Can I bring family and friends to a signing?

Yes, please invite your friends and family to every event. They can help promote, set up, pack up, and drop by for support.

BUT PLEASE NOTE, family and friends will not be able to remain at the signing table during the signing. Sitting with the author, or hovering at an adjoining table has proven to be disruptive to the other authors, and is confusing for the customers.

What's required when I participate in a signing?

Below are the rules for participating in a signing:

  1. You will be responsible for booking yourself for available signings through SIGNUP

  2. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for set-up

  3. Bring a white table cloth

  4. You are responsible for your own sales. Bring ample change. A card reader is suggested (There are many free options for this).

  5. Bring your own promotional material for your section of the table.

  6. Although only 1 book will be featured on the promotional poster delivered to the venue, you can bring all of your titles to sell.

Can I just sign up for Barnes & Noble signings?

No. Please be courteous to all the authors particpating by giving everyone a chance to get exposure at Barnes & Noble. There are so many great venues to choose from and every signing is a bit different. Don't assume you'll only get exposure and sales at Barnes & Noble. Some of the independently owned coffee shops have proven to be just as positive of an experience as the big name chains.

How do I promote signings?

1. Join our closed Coffee House Tours facebook group. Share the event poster from there to all personal/business social channels. This is a closed group meant to make it easy for us to share assets and important reminders.

2. Optional, print out the event poster and distribute it.

3. Tell people about your upcoming events and and coffee house tours community.

4. Share fellow author's events. Even if you aren't going to be signing, pay it forward, share a fellow authors event from the Coffee House Tours facebook group.

Do I have to book signings myself?

No. We have already secured many venues to choose from. All you need to do is sign up.

However, we are always looking for new partners. If you have a recommendation for a new venue, feel free to pass the contact information along. Please email us. Don't forget send it with NEW VENUE OPPORTUNITY in the subject line.

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