Cynthia De Boer

Cynthia grew up in the Denver Colorado area and now lives
near Las Vegas Nevada.  She enjoys traveling, meeting new
people and the outdoors. Her greatest loves are being a
wife, mother and grandmother.
Her career highlights include attaining a C-3 Construction
License and Real Estate License, successfully managing a
home inspection/appraisal company and two health clubs as
well as owning and operating an organizational consulting
business and a home décor business. 
She currently works as a disability advocate, and speaks on
prosthetic eyes, eye health, depression, writing, publishing
and self-promotion. 
Cynthia De Boer’s career as an author, inspirational speaker
and disability advocate is fueled by her medical challenges
and life’s experiences.  Her first book, Me, Myself and Eye,
The Realities of Living With a Prosthetic Eye has been
widely received as an honest and much-needed influential
resource. During her speaking engagements, Cynthia is
consistently asked how she maintains a positive attitude.
These questions are proof that her second book is definitely
needed.  Freedom From Depression, No Matter What
Your Disability May Be. On the lighter side of things, her
latest book Jimmy’s Magic Turtle is a two-line rhyme
children’s book for ages four to eight. It is about the make-
believe world of Jimmy (a five-year-old boy) and his best
friend Timmy (a wonderfully magical turtle). Part of this
book’s proceeds will be donated to ‘The Marfan Foundation’
to honor my nephew, Jimmy.

Read Cynthia's Books

Find out what's it's like to fight for years only to lose. Learn the true realities of living with a prosthetic eye.  Discover camouflaging techniques and how the movements of a pet can help.  Understand the trickery of the mind.  Learn how a few celebrities used this loss to their advantage and how you too can inspire others. Remember a handicap is defined as an added advantage or disadvantage --- it's all up to you!

Me Myself and Eye
Freedom From Depression

This book will inspire with its collection of encouraging stories, innovative ideas, helpful tips, and empowering calls to action.  It is a comprehensive guide divided into five sections, each designed to help the reader free him or herself from depression, and to implement the changes necessary to create a happier life.  Cynthia.s personal journey allow readers to understand that they are not alone.

Jimmy's Magic Turtle

Jimmy’s Magic Turtle is about the make believe world of Jimmy (a five-year-old boy) and his best friend Timmy (a wonderfully magical turtle). It was written to celebrate all the children who celebrate what if?

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