Jeannie Neill

Born in England, Jeannie Neill arrived in California in 1976, escaping the civil war in Lebanon, where she had taught English as a Foreign Language. After marrying an Australian, and splitting her time between the US and Oz, she and her husband moved to Las Vegas three years ago.


With a background in theatre and packaging feature films, Jeannie began writing spec scripts. One has been re-envisioned as her indie-published first novel, Disintegration. A second, Chameleon, was released in December, and Unravelling will be available by Easter.


Writing as J D Neill. Jeannie recently attended a forum presented by Coffee Club members and is excited to find and join a network of local writers.


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A compelling tale of neglect, betrayal, new love, and ancient hatreds offering a unique perspective of the disintegration of Lebanon, and one young couple's struggle to survive in war-torn Beirut during the birth of the civil war.


When the wealthy Dawson family disappears, abandoning their vast country estate, it goes unremarked. Except for Camellia, the sole heir, they were always reclusive. Untended for twenty-five years, the parklands become a public thoroughfare, and their fate remains a mystery until a skeleton is found on the long-abandoned, dilapidated property. Soon three more bodies are unearthed. But none are the long-missing girl. Where is Camellia? What happened to her, and why? And whose are the four bodies?

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