Jennifer Hart

"Get Creative. Be Kind. Seek Adventure." - Jenn Hart


Jennifer Hart is an author, illustrator, designer, creative director or she would say she is a "maker of things"— sharing stories to inspire people, make them laugh, and with luck, provoke thoughtful conversations.

On the way back from a real adventure, Jenn wrote a mostly made-up one about her dog on the reverse side of her plane ticket. That story would become "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land." 


  • Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada- Favorite things are wine or coffee with dessert 

  • Addicted to visiting new places

  • Loves dogs & music (or dogs playing music - better but unlikely)


Hart is the founder and creative director of a branding and design agency. Check out what she's up to.


Read Jenn's Books

Baxter Goes to Imagination Land

Mostly made-up adventures inspired by a mostly real dog named Baxter. Follow your imagination past the sneaker trees and cupcake bees to a place only you can see.  

40 full-color illustrations done with ink and watercolor guide early readers as they explore Baxter's land of imagination filled with colorful characters, fun surprises and an adventure that will inspire their own creativity.

"Hart takes the imagination's wandering to delightfully absurd ends..."

- Kirkus Reviews

The adventure continues with Baxter The Dog in “Baxter Returns to Imagination Land” and this time you get to color in Baxter’s world of whimsical characters, funny surprises and landscapes only a mostly real dog could dream up. Continue exploring Imagination Land with Baxter, the “most fun, curious kind of supersoft furry pal you’ll find.”


Meet new friends and visit old favorites like the “candied cats with donut hats” and the “squeaker toys playing hide and seek” from Baxter’s first adventure, “Baxter Goes to Imagination Land.” 48 pages of coloring and activities for ages 3-6, including; connect the dots, drawing prompts, mazes and more!

Baxter Returns to Imagination Land:
Coloring and Activity Book

Life's not all puppies and rainbows...but these notebooks are. Collect all four!


1. I Want To Be A Unicorn Dog

2. The "Sweetest" Kitten

3. Happy Rainbow

4. Cactus Hugs

Puppies & Rainbows: Notebooks

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