J.S. Peck

Joan was reared in a family of readers in small town Elmira, New York. Sunday afternoons were a very special time because all the family members relaxed with a good book. It’s where her passion for writing was born. “It is when I began reading the Nancy Drew series that I became intrigued with mysteries. To me, the fun of reading mystery books is to become so intrigued with the story it becomes impossible to put the book down. For anyone who is hooked on reading mystery books, there’s nothing better than that.”

Joan was raised to be open-minded and came to understand that we’re “all connected energetically,” able to communicate with others who have passed on. She brings all her knowledge and skills into her Death Card Series by having the spirit of Rosie’s grandmother pop into her life with advice or loving messages. Rosie is portrayed as a psychic, able to have visions of what is yet to come about, which embroils her in cases to either save people or solve murders. Joan’s writing is as natural as breathing, and she writes with the hope that her readers will feel empowered by knowing they are never alone.  

Joan also writes spiritual books under the name of Joan S. Peck.

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Thirty-two-year-old, Rosalie Bennett, lives in Las Vegas and writes a column for Women Living Well magazine on What’s Hip in Vegas. To make extra money she uses her psychic ability and tarot cards to predict the future for her clients. But when the death card shows up and murders follow, she must use her talents in a whole new way and becomes embroiled in cases to either save people or solve murders.


Her Silky dog, Sweet Pea, is her sidekick, and her grandmother’s spirit still pops into her life with advice or simple expressions of love—sometimes at the most ill-timed moments.


Determined to find her fiancé’s murderer, Rosie partners up with Brian and Mike who are also investigating suspicious goings-on at the Purple Passion Lounge, and trouble increases. Just as things couldn’t get worse, her former college roommates head to Las Vegas for a planned visit. Things go awry, and when they are kidnapped, her friends learn what Rosie is involved in. Their sisterhood is hilarious while death still abounds. Her silky dog, Sweet Pea, is her sidekick and her grandmother’s spirit still pops into her life with advice or simple expressions of love—sometimes at the most ill-timed moments. 


A telephone call changes everything. The agency holding the four little girls she saved from a human trafficking scheme asks if she’d be willing to escort Isabella to Santa Fe to meet her uncle and his family. Rosie senses nothing but trouble there but agrees to do it. When the past catches up to the present, Rosie fights to save Isabella and is faced with the dilemma of what’s best for the little girl. 

Back in Vegas, Rosie and her partners must deal with the bones of two missing girls dumped at their construction site. Rosie’s life is in danger. Will she survive?

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