Lori Piotrowski

Lori Piotrowski holds a Master's degree in Romance Languages from Ohio State University, but only recently has she used it in the classroom at the College of Southern Nevada. She is a Renaissance woman of varied careers, beginning in publishing, moving into corporate communications, architectural photography, and public relations, and now into teaching Spanish and Portuguese.

As a young girl, Lori's interest in reading was encouraged by her parents who would turn off the TV and read every night. She watched their library grow and began her own private library by saving her allowance to buy books through the Scholastic Reader program at school. In college, she joined the Book of the Month club. The first book she bought was Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which she still uses regularly. Her favorite day of the week is Friday, when she can leave all cares behind and curl up in an easy chair with a good read.

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Revolutionary Heart

Sometimes what we are told to avoid becomes the magnet that attracts us. When a British general accosts Molly Weston in her father’s Boston tavern, Lt. Geoffrey Canfield defies his superior to defend her honor. That single act of kindness kindled a desire for one of the enemy, but Stamp Act riots and the Quartering Act test their budding romance. When they discover the general’s plot to stockpile black powder, they fight time and henchmen before he wages war on the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Forbidden love intersects with traitorous actions in this book about American patriots struggling to become a free nation.

Revolutionary Spirit

The American Revolution wasn't fought only on battlefields, it was also fought within the heart. In the 1760’s, Boston is growing anxious. The Stamp Act has been defeated, but the Crown responds with two harsher measures that threaten the city’s weak economy. Molly Weston and her family struggle to survive, nevertheless, they are duty-bound to help the Sons of Liberty implement a boycott of imported goods, including tea. In the midst of the political turmoil, misunderstandings threaten the rekindled romance between Molly and British Lt. Geoffrey Canfield. When a rejected suitor and a vengeful acquaintance join together to destroy their love, Molly finds the inner strength to fight back, on all fronts.

Caesar and Cleo Find the Purrrrfect Christmas Tree

Twin kittens Caesar and Cleo want to help their family decorate for Christmas. But where will they find the perfect tree?

Riglee Rolls an Easter Egg

Riglee and brother Robbie are so excited. They are going to the White House Easter Egg Roll. But first, Riglee wants to know how the Egg Roll started and what games the children play. Who will win the race?

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