M.A.R. Unger

 "…rich with lush and terrifying detail, well-developed, realistic characters, incredible intricacies of plot, and witty, sarcastic, realistic dialogue." Robert Edwin


M.A.R. left the ice and snow of New Jersey winters in search of sunshine in Las Vegas. What she found was inspiration for her mystery/thrillers. In fact, a radio newscast provided the “ah-ha moment” that gave rise to her award-winning Matti James Mystery Series.

She holds a Masters in English from the University of Miami, with additional studies in such seemingly unrelated fields as economics, forensics, astronomy, and physics. As she says, “The research gene is in my DNA.”

Story locations fascinate her, be they the Las Vegas Valley, Oxfordshire in the U.K, or the Florida Keys. Her characters cannot escape the influence of their surroundings and speak in distinct, yet recognizable voices. “I hope readers will remember a scene, a character, or a description in one of my novels long after they’ve read the final word and closed the cover.”

 Find out more about her books on www.marunger.com

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(Matti James Mysteries, Book 1) Forensic facial reconstruction artist Matti James moves to Las Vegas, where her dog digs up human remains. After police discover the rest of the skeleton in the most unlikely of places, Matti is hired to put a face to the victim. She soon discovers that killers don’t want their victims identified. To complicate matters, when Matti talks to the skulls while she works, sometimes they talk back.


(Matti James Mysteries, Book 2) A flash flood slams the body of a murdered female against a chain link fence near Matti's home. Will Matti’s forensic artistry and sleuthing tie the killing to neighbors who are members of the Russian Mob . . . or to someone even more dangerous?


(Matti James Mysteries, Book 3) Las Vegas headliner Layla Bourne hires Matti to find out who is threatening her life. The problem? Layla reportedly burned to death in a plane crash two weeks earlier. Perhaps Matti’s forensic reconstruction will uncover an inconvenient truth that’s to die for.


(Matti James Mysteries, Book 4) As the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster nears, anti-nuke activists swing into deadly action. Discovery of a radioactive skull puts Matti on the police payroll again. After her work helps identify the skull as a physicist with ties to Chernobyl, she fears a modern-day apocalypse is at hand. Is she now considered as expendable as those who died at Chernobyl?

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