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Authored and published three books of “reality” poetry journaling her personal experiences from frustration and overwhelm to discovering her ability to make an Alzheimer’s difference.


Organizes author book-signing fundraisers benefiting Alzheimer’s causes

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A look at Alzheimer's through Poetry. Confirmation that I was to follow in my father's footsteps jarred me in ways I never imagined. Since hearing the news, I awaken between 3 and 5 in the morning. Zero dark thirty is when my eyes fly open and I'm full-on aware. The words that normally tumble off my tongue now flow feverishly by pencil over a yellow-lined pad-as though I am possessed. And I write. Poetry. It is through my stepping up, speaking out, and sharing my own very personal thoughts and feelings that will emancipate the stigma attached to the growing numbers of those of us relegated to a diminishing memory. It gives purpose to feelings of less than and bolsters a roguish stubborn ruggedness in me for a worthwhile fight-to maintain dignity, honor and respect.

Blue. River. Apple.
An exploration of Alzheimer's through poetry
Blue. River. Apple.

My "reality poetry" began right after my diagnosis of early on-set Alzheimer's disease. Waking early mornings, writing as though I am possessed by someone far greater than myself. My poems are intended to help others walking through the uncharted waters of AD. If I can help you, and your family, your friends and caregivers to better understand the choppy feelings of fear, frustration, and overwhelm that the diagnosis of dementia brings with it, then I find value in my own journey. I stand in hope, and even joy most days, by building AD awareness, dispelling the stigma, and being a strong advocate for Alzheimer's causes. Communication is key and with it, everyone is in a winner.

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