Books Can Be the Catalyst to Sharing

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Children begin learning how to express themselves, by listening as someone reads out loud. - Rhonda Gatlin

I love reading to children and sharing my childhood memories. My books are designed to help you reminisce and rediscover past experiences you might have forgotten. Reading out loud to children allows time for parents or grandparents to discuss their own memories. Telling about your family helps children understand your life and their history. Books can help be a catalyst to share and encourage a love of learning.

I wish I had asked more questions and listened more closely when my grandparents, parents, and other relatives talked about our family history. Now most of my older family is gone except three aunts, one uncle and my brother; which are still living down in the south. I want my grandson to know about me as a child so he can tell and read my stories to his children. I have an aunt that is 106 years old, but now that I am interested in hearing more about the past she doesn't remember clear enough.

Children begin learning how to express themselves, by listening as someone reads out loud. The use of a writing model also helps children improve their own writing. In my books, Aggie repeats words or word phrases that can be changed to fit a child's own story. I want to instill the joy of reading and writing in children everywhere. I wrote these books to help children discover the love of reading and the desire to write their own stories.

My two books, "Granny's Cobbler a Counting Book", and "Aggie's Purple Hands", are giving my grandson an insight into my past. I hope that he will want to know more as he gets older. I completed two scrapbooks with pictures beginning with my great grandparents. I have cut, pasted and labeled all the way to my parents passing. Now I need to start on the third scrapbook with my son's past and his son's future.

Think about your family and how you can learn more about your past family ancestry. Try to find a way to keep records of your history, your parents, and your grandparent’s history through writing, taking and recording pictures, and sharing that history with your children and grandchildren.



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