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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Here’s to the future, monsters! I wouldn’t want to walk it with anyone else. - Vicki-Ann Bush

I’m so excited to welcome all our new members and especially thrilled about breaking our Nevada borders. New York, we are so happy to extend our family of writers to your lovely state. As many of you know, I’m originally from New York, and this has been a dream since the very first coffee house signing in Las Vegas.

To all current members who have helped us build and grow to what we are today—thank you! Your constant support and participation have been the tools we needed to go from two authors with a vision, to a community of friends, and yes…family. Through the best signings and the not so good, you’ve stuck by us. Look what we’ve done!

From the beginning with random coffee house signings with Susie Johnson and Stephen Murray, to co-founding CHT with Linda Stiles Fox, this journey has been a positive light in my author life. And now as we continue to expand and add more signings, I can’t tell you how proud I am to hand someone my CHT business card. Each one of you has added a unique brick to this structure, I’m eternally grateful to all of you.

I’d also like to let you know a few things the Board is working on for the coming future…

Reaching out to other states is part of the CHT dream, but also expanding to other venues as well. Coffee started us, but it doesn’t have to stop there. We’re working on ideas such as the Boulder City train excursion, winery’s, destination coffee house signings, Cons and Festivals. Expanding the web site to grow with us and add new useful features—thank you, Jenn. Using our grassroot ideas to better our author careers, assist fellow authors and benefit the community. This is our path. And as we continue to flourish and stand side by side, we will all gain. So, keep believing, together we are unstoppable.

Finally, I have one very huge thank you to the three ladies that literally rescued me from drowning in a pile of bookings, posters, planning, scheduling, and everything else that goes along with keeping CHT thriving. Lori Piotrowski, Renee Jean and Jennifer Hart, your CHT Board. From the very core of my soul…thank you. I could never have done this past year without you. After Linda Stiles Fox lost her battle with cancer, I was a mushy, mess of despair. Trying to keep everything going on my own was impossible. With growth comes pain, and I needed an artillery of meds. You three stepped in and started the wheel turning once again. You are the reason we’ve moved forward this year and continue to keep moving. You rock!

Here’s to the future, monsters! I wouldn’t want to walk it with anyone else.

Vicki-Ann Bush

Executive Officer CHT

The Authors Creed

I promise to maintain some semblance of sanity on a daily basis, when in danger I will drink a glass of dark red nectar, or a cup of hot black gold, and let it bring me back.

I promise to wrap myself in a blanket of happiness, especially on the days I haven't sold one book.

I promise to smile and be courteous, even when sitting in front of a table displaying my books, I'm asked the directions to the restroom.

I promise to help my fellow author and be a considerate signing partner, we're all in this together.

I promise to do my best not to be judgmental of others during a signing, everyone has a bad day and mine is coming.

I promise to conduct myself at all appearances with kindness, clarity and patience.

I promise not to freak out because I forgot my book marks, business cards, or other forms of promotional items. Life is short, you'll have another signing.

I promise not to hog the table when sharing space with fellow authors.

I promise not to steer readers away from my fellow author, only interjecting when they are finished with their transaction.

I promise not to shout at, chase down or throw books up into the faces of customers.

I promise to be on time, leave when appropriate, and share in all responsibilities with my fellow authors at signings.

I promise to remember that although readers approach, it doesn't mean they will or can buy a book today. Sharing thoughts, a smile, and answering questions is a large part of who we are and what we do. Making someone's day is always a good day.

And above all else, I promise to be true to myself, my work, my fellow authors, and the world around me.




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