Renee Jean

I am a travel addicted, creative obsessed table games dealer and author in Las Vegas. I have been writing most of my life and can honestly say having met so many other incredible authors I do not fit the general stereotype.

I am an extreme extrovert. I am active as often as possible riding my bicycle and training for obstacle courses. I have a performance job that puts me front and center for thousands of people each year. I am a former model and do my best to maintain my physical appearance and health although being a tomboy I can say looks are quite far down on the priority list.


I love sports. I live to travel and as far as I am concerned there is a way to put a piece of myself in everything I write. People hear about my life and always say "You should write a book!" well I have, in fact, I am working on several. But I am only a tiny part. I take inspiration from everyone and everywhere that touches my life. 

I only hope my novels have the ability to inspire others the way so many in my life have inspired me!

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When Jasmine goes to a party with her best friend she has no idea what to expect. She is only a sophomore after all. Shortly after their arrival she catches the eye of the most handsome boy she has ever seen. She is overwhelmed by his attention soaking up every moment as the most envied girl there. He is the man of her dreams. Or is he truly a nightmare? Jasmine’s best friend sees a dark side to Tyler Winegard and cannot understand why Jasmine is so blind to it. As the relationship deepens Jasmine finds herself having to fight to prove her love to him as he becomes more demanding and controlling with each passing day. Can she bring back the attentive sweet and charming boy she fell for or will he steal everything from her including her sanity and her life?

Vegas is filled with glittering lights, flowing drinks, and of course, casinos. Every year thousands of jackpot hopefuls flood the city looking for entertainment as well as riches galore. The combination of gamblers and alcohol can lead to some extraordinary people watching and incredible stories. Gathered in Just Deal With It are some of the most fun experiences gained through nearly a decade in the casino world. So step up, take a chance, roll the dice and see what happens when your fellow gamblers decide to spice things up while aiming for the jackpot! Ever wonder what the dealer is thinking as they stand behind the table day after day? Just Deal With It has the answer. Gathered here are some of the most fun experiences from a Vegas dealer with a sneak peek behind the scenes of the casino world. So step up to the table, take a chance, roll the dice and see what happens when your fellow gamblers spice things up while going for the jackpot.

Just Deal With It
Never Give Up

Akaylia "Kaylie" Reynolds had it all; a loving fiance, the talent of dance, and her very own solo, opening the summer recital, but everything changed after a night of celebration with Garrett.The accident should have been fatal, but miraculously, Kaylie lived. Living with the fact that she might not ever dance again, emotions take her on the ride of a lifetime, with what seems to be a downward spiral. While the police are looking for a culprit, Kaylie is stuck in a hospital bed, wondering what will become of her life or if she will even live.

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