Scott Decker

Scott Decker, a native New Jerseyan, moved to Las Vegas in 2013 following a career in federal law enforcement and private security. He now enjoys semi-retirement while freelance writing. With his wife, Terry L., he enjoys the company of two rescues: a mild-mannered beagle mix and a highly possessive miniature pinscher. Besides writing, he has co-produced a short movie, History of FBI Firearms, narrated by Golden Globe winner, Jon Hamm.  It is shown daily during the public tour at FBI headquarters.  Scott has also appeared with Saundra Bullock in her action comedy, The Heat. 

Scott contributes to Knife Magazine and has begun research for a second nonfiction book revolving around true crime and terrorism.  On occasion, he fixes an obsession with custom cars and horsepower by touring the Mojave Desert in a supercharged Mustang.  


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Recounting the Anthrax Attacks

On the heels of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the nation faced a second wave of attacks—this time deadly and silent.  Join FBI agents as they race against terror and the ultimate insider threat.  Recounting the Anthrax Attacks (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018) is a memoir of true crime.  A creative non-fiction chronicle of leads and misleads that opened the door to whole new areas of forensic exploration.  Recounting has won awards for Narrative Non-Fiction, True Crime, and Science & Technology.

Professional Criminals of America

(Foreword by R. Scott Decker).  A rogues gallery of America's foremost murderers, bank robbers, con men, forgers, embezzlers, and pickpockets.  Written in 1886, Professional Criminals of America (3rd ed., Lyons Press, 2019) contains biographies and photographs of some four hundred of the nation's leading criminals. Each profile details the crimes committed and the circumstances leading up to arrest and conviction. Also included are chapters on criminal methods, executions, opium addiction, fugitives, and prison commutation laws, along with sections on unsolved murders, adventurers and adventuresses, and a list of every prison and state penitentiary in America at the time of publication.

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