Victoria Kaer

Professional daydreamer, creator of fantasy worlds, mother of a child who is ten times smarter than I will ever be. Occasional pet wrangler. Certified dust bunny breeder. Oh yeah, and I write books too.

I really enjoyed "Merlin's Chosen". I started reading to screen it for my granddaughter, but I got so involved myself, I couldn't put it down.  - Amazon Review

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Rise of the Wyvern - Book 1

Chandra Strandon celebrates her seventeenth birthday, now she must contend with the fact she’s moved to a cave in the midst of the Grand Canyon, a clan of dragons, and the fate of the world resting on her shoulders.


Oh, she’s also a sorceress, perhaps the most powerful one ever to be born and the answer to a prophecy foretold by Merlin long ago. She may be the only hope left to save the remaining dragons from their enemies, the wyvern, led by Theryn.


As if she doesn’t have enough to deal with, working with the wyvern is Chase Ivers. A boy who is not only good looking, makes her heart go pitter-patter, but tries to kill her every time they meet.


What’s a girl to do?

Dragon's War, Loves Battle - Book 2

The Chosen have returned and are ready to take on the wyvern.

This time around, Theryn has brought friends, human friends, to battle at his side. The three new sorcerers nearly destroy Chandra during their first battle. The three new arrivals are powerful and carry a secret Chandra’s father refuses to share. The three will do whatever it takes to destroy the power of the Chosen.

As if things aren’t already complicated, Merlin throws a new prophecy at them, pulling another of her new family into the war with the wyvern.

Join the Chosen, their family and friends as they battle the wyvern to save the last of the dragons and keep the wyvern from ruling the world.

Final Stand - Book 3

Two of Chandra’s cousins are gone, and Kavaugn has fled, everyone breathes a bit easier now that Theryn has no sorcerers on his side.


The leader of the wyvern has improved the spells that speed the hatching of the wyvern egss, but they still lack the years of fighting experience the dragons have and it seems as if they can finlly defeat the wyven.


That is, until the day Risleigh, the slim, motorcylce riding, male half of Theryn’s new sorcerer duo nabs Chandra from right beneath Chase’s nose. He uses a spell even her father can’t track.


He’s more menacing than Chandra’s cousin ever were.


Will Risleigh and his mysterious new friend put an end to the Chosen?

Children of the Chosen - Book 4
Children of the Chosen - Book 4

Years have passed since the Chosen defeated the wyvern and Chandra and Chase’s twins are near to receiving their powers.


On the eve of their birthday, Chandra receives a new prophecy from Merlin.


Danger is approahcing and to defeat it, their children must fight in the upcoming battle. Chase’s brother must pass Exalicbur to his son, Gavin, and the children will have a mysterious guardian to watch over them in the upcoming fight.


The children have minimal training and the danger is lurking closer than any of them believe, it would appear their defeat is assured.


Can they prevail or is this the end of the legacy of the Chosen?

Risleigh's Return - Book 5
Risleigh's Return - Book 5

Risleigh Caulfield has returned, but not for Chandra, someone wants him dead and Chandra’s family are the only ones he trusts enough to ask for help. The fear he’ll do Chandra harm, sends him to her son to plead for help.


Kennon knows only the basics of what happened between Risliegh and his mother during the war, but it’s enough for him to harbor a deep hatred of the man.


At his mother’s insistence, he agrees to help Risleigh, but he isn’t happy about it. Together they travel a winding road in search of the person who wants Risleigh dead.


Their journey sends Risleigh down memory lane, forcing him to relive the evil he’s done.


Can they work together to solve the mystery, or will Ken’s deep hatred keep them at constant odd

Behind the Glass - Book 6
Behind the Glass - Book 6

Meiying Lynch is serious about her studies, she’d focused on her goal of becoming a lawyer. It’s been her lifelong dream and nothing is going to deter her from her goal.


Until the day she walks into a dusty shop near campus and the ancient owner convinces her to buy an antique mirror.


The shop’s delivery man, Bennett Calverley, helps her get the mirror home and hung on the wall. She likes him, a lot, but she can’t afford to lose focus on her goal. Her life is hectic enough without adding romance to the mix.


Things become complicated when the shop owner’s grandson begins throwing cryptic threats her way.


Mei turns to the grandfather of her best friend, Alastrina Ivers, for help discover what is behind the mystery of the mirror. It takes them little time to discover what lies behind the glass of the mirror and it doesn’t look good for them.

From the Shadows - Book 7

Chandra’s cousin, Kavaugn Salvagius, is attempting to move away from the evil that consumed his life for far too long. He’s trying to forget, not only his dead siblings, but his work for the wyvern during the war.


Kav has settled in Perth, Australia and started over. He’s happy with the way his life is turning out. Happy to forget everything about his past.


Until he meets Danikah Dane.


Dani is everything he’d want in a woman, but he’s sworn never to inflict his past on anyone. Especially a woman.


Dani has a past of her own and it’s about to catch up to her in a big way.


When he sees the danger Dani is in, will Kav be able to resist the temptation to be her knight in shining armor?


Nearly a hundred years ago, a virus and the subsequent vaccine meant to treat it, wiped out much of the world's population. The resulting aftermath left many women sterile. Those still able to reproduce, give birth to children with malformations and diseases. Upon their birth, all babies are given a bar code by the government, boys are stamped with a job classification, and girls with a classification based on their suitability to procreate.

Rebellion is brewing among the people and the rebels, led by Katherine Wade and her father, may have found the one man that can free the world from the aftermath of the virus.

Will he fight with them or against them?


War is brewing between President Firas and the Rebels.

The President’s assistant, Timothe Berkin, has plans of his own. He could care less about the feud between Firas and Micah.

In the shadows, watching over Micah and the Rebels is Marsden Schnell.

Marsden knows Micah must live, because through his veins runs the only hope for the future of their world, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let Firas and Timothe, win this fight.

Despite Marsden’s determination to win this war, he hopes to remain hidden in the shadows away from the Rebels. There are a few secrets he’s been hiding that are about to complicate things—for everyone.

Things are going to get hairy; Marsden and his secrets will be exposed.

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